What Books to Expect in 2021

The last year has been quite the whirlwind and I really struggled with the administrative side of being an author, including this website. I hope to be a bit better when it comes to posting! And to start off, I'm going to let you know what to expect this year since it's one of the questions I'm asked the most–what's coming next?

As of right now, these are the books I plan to release in 2021 (but they are always subject to change):

The Survivor (Kelderan Runic Warriors #6) – Kajala & Davrel, Feb 25, 2021

The Dragon Collective (Lochguard Highland Dragons #8) – Cat & Lachlan, May 20, 2021

The Dragon's Weakness (Tahoe Dragon Mates #5) – David Lee & Tiffany Ford, June 10, 2021

The Dragon's Chance (Lochguard #9) – Sylvia MacAllister & mystery hero, Sept 2021

I also hope to have one more release this year, which will be a follow-up novella featuring all the clan leaders and their mates from Stonefire, Lochguard, Skyhunter, Snowridge, Northcastle, and Glenlough. (It should be out in October or November.) I also want to write another Stonefire Dragons Universe book about Adrian (Northcastle) and Elsie Day (human who gave him the letter), but it probably won't happen until next year.

And if you're looking for a Stonefire book this year…there isn't one. If you've read my author notes at the end of my books then you know I'm slowly making my way toward the end of the this timeline/series so I can write about the next dragon generation. I have more Lochguard books remaining than Stonefire ones, so it'll probably be two Lochguard ones for each Stonefire one until I reach the end. Stonefire #14 will be out in Jan 2022 and will be about Hudson Wells (his late mate was Charlie) and Sarah Carter (human you meet in The Dragon Collective).

I hope that answers some of your questions! I know I don't mention my Love in Scotland series, or my AMT one. Sadly, both of those don't earn very much and so I can only get to them when I have some extra time. One day I hope to write whatever I feel like, but I'm not there yet. Thanks for your understanding. <3

12 thoughts on “What Books to Expect in 2021”

  1. Jennifer Trama

    Hi. I absolutely loved all of your Stonefire and Lockguard series and have been looking forward to additional ones. I was always interested in what happened with Adrian & Elsie Day and truly hope you decide to write that one. I know you have other book series and you're a great writer, but unfortunately I haven been able to get into the Tahoe or Kelderan series. Thank you for writing books that I've truly enjoyed.

  2. I am very sad to hear that you might only write one more Stonefire Dragon Book. I can see at least 4-5 more. I hope you will reconsider your decision.

    1. There will be more than one Stonefire book left in the entire series. πŸ™‚ But it will be two Lochguard for every Stonefire until the series ends (roughly.)

  3. Hi Jessie,

    I love your work and am very excited for May 20!!! When will you be writing Emily and Trahern's story?

  4. Hi, I have a question: In thank you note at the end of your last book Treasured by the Dragon – Stonfire Dragons series you wrote ‘The next story in the Stonefire Dragons series will be Captivating the Dragon, about Hayley Beckett and Nathan Woodhouse.' What I see now is that next story is something different. Is there some mistake? And what about Hayley and Nathan?

    1. jessiedonovan

      Originally yes, Stonefire #14 was to be about Hayley and Nathan. However, while writing The Dragon Collective (Lochguard #8), Hudson and Sarah's story came to me clearly and needed to come first. Hayley will play a role in Trusting the Dragon, and better lead into her story, which should be Stonefire #15 (I think). πŸ™‚

  5. When should we expect little Scottish surprise? I love your dragon series and am happy to get more but while waiting I read the love in Scotland series and am hooked on that one as well

    1. Right now, I don't know. Not many people read my Love in Scotland series, so it's not my top priority. One day I hope to write whatever I want, but this is my living, so I have to focus on what pays my bills–my dragons. πŸ™‚

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