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Weekly Update: 12/3/2021

Weekly Update 12/3/21 Sorry for the month of silence. Between a technical problem behind the scenes and a massive amount of writing, I've been busy! But I'm back, and here we go: Trusting the Dragon is in the hands of my editor now, and it came in at just under

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Weekly Update: 10/29/2021

Weekly Update 10/29/21 It was quite the productive week for me. Here we go: Trusting the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #14) is probably going to end up somewhere around 67-70,000 words. I'm already at 55k and still have quite a bit to do. I'm not the best at writing short books,

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Weekly Update: 10/23/2021

Weekly Update 10/23/21 So it's been a few weeks without an update. Sorry! I've had a TON of behind-the-scenes administrative stuff to do and it took up a lot of time (and still does). I won't bore you with those details, so on to the update: 1) I'm 45,000 words

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Weekly Update: 9/30/21

Weekly Update 9/30/21 I've mostly been writing this week, but here we go: 1) I'm getting really close to the halfway mark of Trusting the Dragon. At this rate, I'm going to finish this book a month early. Woot! (But that just gives me more time to work on another

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