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March 26, 2020

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May 14, 2020

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New Release: The Dragon's Need

Gaby and Ryan's Story is Here! Gabriela Santos is tired of overprotective dragon males and decides to enter the Tahoe-area lottery, meaning she’ll have the human male of her choice. When she finds one of them staring at the ceiling, his honesty is refreshing and she picks him. As they

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New Release: The Dragon's Choice

The First US Dragon Story is Here! There’s a dragon-shifter lottery about to take place in South Lake Tahoe. One dragonman has his pick of over two hundred human females. Who he picks may surprise you. But once Jose finds his true mate, he’ll do anything to have her. The

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New Release: The Dragon's Pursuit

Chase and Layla's Story is Here! Chase has known for two years that Layla is his true mate. However, he hasn’t been able to catch her eye to give him a chance. So when she asks for his help in finding out who is stealing medical supplies, he jumps at

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New Website is Live!

New Website is Live! Thanks for you patience as I changed over my website to a new design! I've made it a lot more phone- and tablet-friendly, as well as more practical overall (I think). There is now an overall dragon reading order list (one of my most requested items!)

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