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Posted Nov 23 2018

I just wanted to say that the release dates for my books may always change. Unless there’s a preorder up, it’s not set in stone. (Even then, if something extreme happens in my life, it *could* change.) The best way to check is to go to the books section. I try to update the release […]


New Release: Crazy Scottish Love

Posted Oct 15 2018

Donella goes to Scotland to avoid the endless line of awful first dates, as well as to escape the pressure from her mother to settle down. Robbie only wants to protect his daughter and avoid attachments. However, as the former childhood friends-turned-enemies reunite and collide, sparks start to fly. Maybe, just maybe, the person they […]


New Audiobook: The Forbidden

Posted Oct 10 2018

Kalahn is a Kelderan princess, who wants more than to sit pretty and be married off to the most strategic ally. Ryven is a low-born warrior who’s tasked with training the best of the best to protect their people. When thrown together for a secret mission, a long-held secret desire slowly bubbles up between the […]


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