Jessie's (Almost) Weekly Updates

In an effort to keep my readers up-to-date and curious about what I'm working on now, I try to post weekly updates with information, teasers, and peeks into what I'm working on. Click from the most recent posts to learn more:

Weekly Update: 9/30/21

Weekly Update 9/30/21 I've mostly been writing this week, but here we go: 1) I'm getting really close to the halfway mark of Trusting the Dragon. At this rate, I'm going to finish this book a month early. Woot! (But that just gives me more time to work on another book.) Fall and Winter are

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Weekly Update: 9/23/21

Weekly Update 9/23/21 So much writing and planning this week. Here we go: 1) Let's just say that if you like the early Stonefire books, then you're going to LOVE Hudson & Sarah's story, Trusting the Dragon. It's super steamy, has the feels, and the characters are on point. This book is also close to

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Weekly Update 9/15/2021

Weekly Update 9/15/21 This is a busy week, indeed! Here we go: 1) The biggest news is that I started Trusting the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #14) early. I'm closing in on 10,000 words so far. Sarah will be a complex character, given her past. And Hudson is just the sort of good guy (and being a

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Weekly Update 9/8/21

Weekly Update 9/8/21 While a slower week in terms of writing, there was a lot going on behind the scenes: 1) My biggest news is that I've finished Summer at Lochguard (Dragon Clan Gatherings #1). This is the follow-up novella with all the clan leaders and it clocked in at just over 22,000 words. It'll

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Weekly Update 9/2/21

Weekly Updates & Teasers In an effort to keep my readers up-to-date and curious about what I'm working on now, here's my first ever weekly update for the first week of September 2021. And while I hope to do these weekly, there will be some lapses, such as when I go on vacation. Even authors

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