Weekly Update 10/23/21

So it's been a few weeks without an update. Sorry! I've had a TON of behind-the-scenes administrative stuff to do and it took up a lot of time (and still does). I won't bore you with those details, so on to the update:

1) I'm 45,000 words into Trusting the Dragon and barreling toward the end. I want to finish this book early, although I have to say I'm loving Hudson and Sarah. This book has it all–vulnerable-yet-strong characters, plenty of steam, a blended family, and some danger too. There's also a character in this book that I think will be the hero of Stonefire #15–Bronx Wells, who is Hudson's older brother.

2) But it's going to be some time before I get to that book, lol. After Trusting the Dragon is finished, I'm diving into my new time travel paranormal romance series–Dark Lords of London. Most of the pieces have fit together at this point and I can't wait to start. I don't have a firm release date yet, but I'll share when I do.

3) The Stonefire books are getting new covers! For now, the paperback versions still have the original covers, so if you want to buy them, hurry and do so!

4) I'm going to reach out to my audio narrator soon-ish to start The Dragon's Chance audiobook.

5) And some of the most exciting news of all—Summer at Lochguard is out soon, on November 4th! If you'd like to read the opening, you can do so here on my website.

That's it for this week! If you have questions, feel free to post them. While not guaranteed, I may just answer some in future weeks. 🙂