Weekly Update 9/23/21

So much writing and planning this week. Here we go:

1) Let's just say that if you like the early Stonefire books, then you're going to LOVE Hudson & Sarah's story, Trusting the Dragon. It's super steamy, has the feels, and the characters are on point. This book is also close to home for me on certain levels (with verbal abuse), but I'll talk about that in my Author's Note at the end of the book. 🙂

2) The words for Trusting the Dragon are flying, which is good because my plan is to work on a book I want to work on afterward, before I start The Dragon's Memory (Lochguard #10). I have an awesome paranormal time travel romance idea and have been fleshing out the overall details so I can write it quickly as soon I finish Stonefre #14. (I don't plot all the details, but a few general goals for a series or book to at least give me a guiding star.)

3) Thanks for the awesome release week of Sylvia & Jake's story, The Dragon's Chance. I had a hell of a time writing it, in a not so good way. I try to be inclusive with my cast of characters, but I'll say that it's going to be a long time before I handle one with depression issues again. I know many people suffer from it (I have friends and family who do), and I acknowledge that. I'm not one of them, though, and it's just really hard for me to write an entire book about someone the complete opposite from me. (I also would never try to please everyone as much as Sylvia.) Emma MacAllister is much more my style, and her story will be fun and yet emotional.

4) After reading The Dragon's Chance, you know there were some glimpses of future books: Emma & Logan, Iris & Antony, and Aimee & Connor. (With a very tiny hint at Ian's story.) I'm sure some people were rooting for Max and Iris, but they just never really fit. Antony, swoon, is a hero I'm going to like. An older, smart long-term spy that will keep Iris on her toes? Yes, please. 😀

5) I'm going to work on the paperback for The Dragon's Chance soon, I promise. I've had a sort of rough week and formatting was not high on the list. <3

6) If you caught up a few points above about my time travel project and are thinking…wait, what about the next Kelderan book? Well, I tend to write one about every two years now. I enjoy the series, but it's not only a big challenge (it has some of the most intricate world-building of all my books), but it doesn't sell that well. For some reason, my dragon readers are hesitant to try something labeled “science fiction romance.” Although it's mainly hot alien warriors paired with human settlers on a faraway planet. If you're curious about the first book, you can click here to learn more about The Conquest.

That's it for this week! If you have questions, feel free to post them. While not guaranteed, I may just answer some in future weeks. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 9/23/21”

  1. Thank you. Love the weekly updates. Still think you are too hard on yourself with depression. Anytime you bring depression to light you help another. Like you I don't suffer from depression but know others that do. Most feel underrepresented. You showed Sylvia highs, lows and how she had to make a real effort to survive, live and love again. I applaud you for taking on tough issues.

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