Gaby and Ryan's Story is Here!

Gabriela Santos is tired of overprotective dragon males and decides to enter the Tahoe-area lottery, meaning she’ll have the human male of her choice. When she finds one of them staring at the ceiling, his honesty is refreshing and she picks him. As they get to know one another, Gaby wants the human despite all the risks. But when one of those risks comes out to haunt them, she may have to push him away to save his life…

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NOTE: The paperback version will be out in the next week or two (I need to finish Persuading the Dragon first). The audiobook version I'm going to try to have out by the end of the year, if I can. (I'm going to do all three Tahoe books one right after the other!

Looking for the first book in the series, The Dragon’s Choice? You can find all the links and info by clicking here.

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  1. Reading ur Dragon shifter books has gotten me to fall in love with them I hope you write them for a very long time

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