Overall Dragon Series Reader Order

Both the Stonefire and Lochguard series intertwine with one another. While I've started to put the overall reading order in my ebooks, I'm going to post the most recent suggested reading order here, too. 🙂

Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #1)
Seducing the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #2)
Revealing the Dragons (Stonefire Dragons #3)
Healed by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #4)
Reawakening the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #5)
The Dragon's Dilemma (Lochguard Highland Dragons #1)
Loved by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #6)
The Dragon Guardian (Lochguard Highland Dragons #2)
Surrendering to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #7)
The Dragon’s Heart (Lochguard Highland Dragons #3)
Cured by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #8)
The Dragon Warrior (Lochguard Highland Dragons #4)
Aiding the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #9)
Finding the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #10)
Craved by the Dragon / Killian & Brenna (Stonefire Dragons #11 / March 22, 2018)
The Dragon Family / Finn & Arabella (Lochguard Highland Dragons #5 / May 2018)
The Dragon's Discovery / Alistair Boyd (Lochguard Highland Dragons #6 / Fall 2018)

Hopefully that answers some questions! I'm actually about to start Killian and Brenna's book in the next few weeks, too. I can't wait to see how that all plays out. 😀

8 thoughts on “Overall Dragon Series Reader Order”

  1. Jackie Caselton

    I stumbled across this series by chance, and fell in love with it. I bought all of the original series, then bought all of the spin off. The two stories of the twins was fantasic. I also loved Aiding the Dragon, Tiegon and Aaron where great together. And now im just looking forward to craved by the dragon. Though I am curious about one dragon shifter we heard about in one of the books, im not sure which book he was in, but it was the book where so many of the protectors took the ones that made their crafts. He is supoised to be like 7 feet tall, he was intriguing. Hope to hear about him soon.

  2. This is great. I reread all books so far and even got the audiobooks to hear a bit of the different accents 😉
    Since I am from germany and until now never had the pleasure to pay a visit to any part of the UK it gave me much extra fun hearing the right spelling.

    I hope you can exoand this list soon more as I am anxiously waiting for more stories from my favorite dragonshifters.

  3. Hello, I have read all of the Stonefire series and just ordered all of the Lochguard series. Hopefully in order. Where do all of the others fit in. From when the clans meet up. Please and thank you. Love the books!! Keep writing them!!

  4. Have all the dragon books, and love each one. If you ever redo the reading order list, would you please put the names of the central characters? Often I want to go back, but forget which book the main characters are in. Please keep writing, dragons are our friends! (Also the Cascade Shifters)

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