June 2015

Melanie Hall

Melanie volunteers for the sacrifice program in an effort to save her brother. She is brave and determined; observant and forward. She grows to love the Stonefire clan and becomes very protective of them. In the beginning of the series, she was a student at the University of Manchester earning her Ph.D. in Social Anthropology.

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Finlay Stewart

Finn only recently became the leader of Clan Lochguard after the retirement of the former clan leader. Not long after winning the leadership, he goes to Clan Stonefire to ally the two clans because both Finn and Bram (Stonefire’s leader) want to have a good relationship between humans and dragons. Like Bram, he believes that

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Evie Marshall

Former DDA (Department of Dragon Affairs) employee who had to check up on human sacrifices both during their stay and after. She’s been obsessed with dragons since childhood, and wanted to be the director of the DDA. Prior to arriving at Stonefire, she had worked with Clan Skyhunter for seven years as the inspector who either

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