Sacrificed to the Dragon: Part 3 Cover Reveal!

Hey all!

I really should type up the blurb for this part, too, but right now I'm writing the end of Sacrificed to the Dragon (the whole thing!) and focusing all my energies there! But I don't want to hold back this beautiful cover. So, enjoy! (I'll add the blurb later.)


16 thoughts on “Sacrificed to the Dragon: Part 3 Cover Reveal!”

  1. margaret pritchard

    I love the 1st. And 2nd book and I look forward to the 3rd and 4th book. The cover for the 3rd book looks hot!!!!
    Thank you for the great story I read a lot and I mean a lot. Your story was very believable and I felt like was right there.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Margaret! <3 I had a blast writing Tristan and Melanie's story and I can't wait to share the rest! πŸ˜€

  2. Loved the first book. I am definitely going to do a review on my you tube page if that is alright with you. I will try to get part one and part two up by Thursday. I love it and cant wait to have 3 & 4.

    1. Wow, Corina, that’s awesome that you have a video review thing going! (I really haven’t seen that done before.) And of course I don’t mind if you do that.

      I can hardly wait to share the rest of Sacrificed to the Dragon! The parts are written, but I’m just waiting for my editor. πŸ™‚


      1. Great. I have been on vacation. But the review for your books will be up soon. Thanks for the ok. Once it’s up I’ll post it to you.

    1. Hi Mindy!

      I’m so happy you enjoyed Parts 1 & 2! πŸ™‚ Part Three should be out by the end of this month, although I put no later than September 5th in the back of Part Two just to be safe. It’s written, but it’s being edited! I’ll post on my website, Facebook, and to my mailing list when it’s ready!


  3. Fabulous story so far I’m waiting impaitently for the next installments
    I am an avid reader and I think you defiately have a winner with this book

  4. Very pretty :o) I’ve just found out about this serial through a blog and Goodreads.
    I’m glad you have a newsletter. There I go!
    Cheers from Literaria.

  5. I NEED PART 3 NOW!!!!!!! I feel like a junkie over here. I need my fix. A great series hands down. Already pre ordered part 4.

  6. I have been patiently awaiting for part three…I’ve heard the end of the month and it’s the end of the month and I’ve heard soon…is there any concrete date? I just honestly am so ready to read it and don’t want to wait anymore….:(

    1. Hey Kristen,

      I’m sorry for the delay. I had a hiccup with a scheduling issue, but my editor is giving me back the final changes tonight, which means I will upload it tomorrow or Wednesday. It will be available no later than September 5th (unless you’re on iTunes, which takes a bit longer). Part Four is set for September 20th. I figure releasing it close to Part Three will make up for the delay. πŸ™‚

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