Part Two Cover & Blurb Reveal!

Are you ready??? Cover and blurb reveal time!

Abandoned and humiliated, Melanie tries her best to maintain her composure as Bram explains the reason for Tristan leaving–something called a “mate claim frenzy”. In other words, the next time Tristan comes face to face with her, his inner dragon will take control and claim her for his own. Both Bram and Samira try to convince her to accept his attentions earlier than her contract specifies or risk putting not only herself, but also the members of their clan in danger.

Tristan stays away from Melanie as long as possible, but to prevent his dragon from completely taking over, he returns to Stonefire’s lands the afternoon after the First Kiss ceremony. When he shows up naked on Melanie’s doorstep, his human-half maintains control long enough to garner her consent.

Now it’s only a matter of time before Melanie conceives and fulfills her contract. But once she does, will Tristan overcome his hatred of humans and stay with her, or will he push her away?

Available August 1, 2014


4 thoughts on “Part Two Cover & Blurb Reveal!”

    1. Hey Angela,

      Part Two comes out next week! I’ll post an announcement at my website, to my Facebook page, and to my mailing list. 🙂


  1. Sacrificed to the Dragon Part 2.
    This is an awesome book. This is a must purchase book Melanie struggles to understand the dragons and their culture while Tristan struggles with his past of mistrust of humans. Melanie shows compassion and wants to help bridge the gap between humans and dragons while Tristan struggles with putting his mistrust behind him.tristan is fighting himself to try and not claim Melanie as a mate please read this wonderful book and see how things unfold for Melanie and Tristan. I can not wait for part 3. Thank you for such a wonderful adventures book.

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