What about the other dragon clans?

Question: Will there be series for other dragon clans, such as Glenlough, Snowridge, Skyhunter, or Northcastle?

Answer: The short answer? No. However, they will be included in future stories. Let me elaborate. 🙂

I originally spun off the Lochguard dragons to help keep storylines straight. Finn and his family were such strong characters that I knew the rest of his clan would interesting to follow, too. This isn’t to say the other clans are boring—far from it. (You’ll see soon enough in Aiding the Dragon.) However, splitting off my dragon books into five series would limit my storyline possibilities and really stretch the wait time between books. I love my dragon-shifters, but I enjoy writing other series, too. 🙂

So, I’m doing mini-story arcs within existing series. Aiding the Dragon is the first part of a two part storyline on Glenlough. Aiding has a happy ending, don’t worry! But the background story takes two books to complete. I am going to do the same with Snowridge in the not-too-distant future. Kai and Jane’s novella will help set up that story arc!

I have plans for Skyhunter (clan in Southern England) and Northcastle (Northern Irish one), but I don’t know when I’ll get to them. Of course, it greatly depends if my readers continue to support me or not. <3 I hope that answers the question! The mini-story arcs extend the series’ overall life, in my opinion. I hate when a series gets stale and it seems things should just end. (I could probably end the Stonefire series in two books if I had to, hence why I’m expanding the universe.) This should prevent that problem. 😀

12 thoughts on “What about the other dragon clans?”

  1. I read your first Stonefire book cause it was free. However, since that book, in have purchased every dragon- shifter book you have out. I enjoy the stories and look forward to more. Thank you.

      1. My circumstance was the same as Linda’s. I read the first stonefire book because it was free. Since then I too have purchased every dragon shifter book there is, and continue to look forward to new books. Please don’t end the series.

  2. I am so enamored with your series. After one-clicking your first book, I’ve since downloaded them all and have devoured them! Thanks for the insight on future books. I can’t wait for Brenna and Killian’s story. But another year??? Oh well…

  3. Mary Donovan Mathes

    Love all the books just finished Lochguard series and working on the rest of your new books. Love them all,I have a hard time putting them down.
    Keep writing please….

  4. Caralee Loonat

    I am completely and utterly hooked!! I got the very first audiobook free and have gone on to get every last one… I hope you keep it going for a long time.. I love dragons!!

  5. I have loved all of dragon shifter books an l do hope you are thinking new stories. I am telling all readers that have just or are looking for a shifter story ” Please ” check out all of of her books you will be in for a great time.

  6. SarahRose Whiteside

    I love your books. In fact I own most of them, however for your dragon shifter series should I read Stonefire all the way through and then Lochguard or do the story-lines overlap. I can’t quite figure out the timing, if at all possible can you post a reading order.

    1. I agree with SarahRose. I think I have the two series in the order that they should be read in, but there are a couple I’m not sure about. I have all the Stonefire and Lockguard books and I am now reading them for the 3rd time. It would be nice to have a reading list that has both series in chronological reading order. Thanks for such great stories and for giving us a part of yourself in these stories.

      1. I just posted the overall reading order on the front page. 🙂 But here you go:

        Sacrificed to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #1)
        Seducing the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #2)
        Revealing the Dragons (Stonefire Dragons #3)
        Healed by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #4)
        Reawakening the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #5)
        The Dragon’s Dilemma (Lochguard Highland Dragons #1)
        Loved by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #6)
        The Dragon Guardian (Lochguard Highland Dragons #2)
        Surrendering to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #7)
        The Dragon’s Heart (Lochguard Highland Dragons #3)
        Cured by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #8)
        The Dragon Warrior (Lochguard Highland Dragons #4)
        Aiding the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #9)
Finding the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #10)
        Craved by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #11 / March 2018)
        The Dragon Family (Lochguard Highland Dragons #5 / May 2018)

  7. Local reading about the Lochguard and Stone fire dragons. The other clans that are mentioned do bring a different aspect to the story they are mentioned in. Can’t wait for the next book or novella. Thanks for getting me out of my head.

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