New Audiobook: The Forbidden

Kalahn is a Kelderan princess, who wants more than to sit pretty and be married off to the most strategic ally. Ryven is a low-born warrior who’s tasked with training the best of the best to protect their people. When thrown together for a secret mission, a long-held secret desire slowly bubbles up between the pair. Can Kalahn and Ryven find their happy ending in each other? Or, will the danger and class divide keep them apart forever? Narrated by Emma Wilder and Jeremy York, The Forbidden is just over eight hours long. Click your vendor of choice:

Amazon US \\ Amazon UK


iTunes: Coming Soon

Looking for the ebook? You can find all the links here.

PS—Haven’t read the Kelderan Runic Warriors series yet? You can find all the links for the first book, The Conquest, here (including ebook, paperback, and audio).

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