Flare of Promise is here!

FlareofPromise_450pxtallAfter waiting nearly two years, the next AMT books has finally arrived. Flare of Promise is about Petra Brandt and Dr. William Evans. We met both of them in Frozen Desires and finally get the chance to learn their story.

Flare of Promise is a short novel (40k) with a happy ending. I'd highly recommend reading the previous books in the series, or the world may not make sense. It's US $2.99 / £1.99 / €2.99 or local currency equivalent. Click your vendor of choice and I'll share the synopsis after the buy links:

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**Paperback Coming Soon**

Two years ago, Petra Brandt faked her death and broke her fiancé’s heart to save her brother. While she never stopped loving him, she accepted her new life as a mercenary. At least, until the day she learns Will’s life is in danger. Blackmailing a few people along the way to help her, Petra devises a plan to free her former love and save his life.

After a rogue first-born kills his fiancée with elemental fire, Dr. William Evans dedicates his life to ridding the world of magic. What he didn’t expect was to develop his own magical ability and become a research subject himself. A strange man offers him a deal for his freedom, and Will takes it. However, his choice reconnects him with the woman he believed to be dead.

Will and Petra must work together to survive. But can they overcome their past full of lies, secrets, and betrayals? Or will their love only remain a distant memory?


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