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The winner will be picked on July 28, 2016 at 8am PDT and emailed shortly thereafter. But before you go, if you want to make sure you receive all of my newsletters, I've provided some tips below:

Did you Know?

You might not be receiving all of my newsletters! Here are a few tips to ensure you receive all of my alerts and newsletters in the future.

1) Add to your contacts. (That's my email address.) It's less likely to be marked as spam if you do this. 🙂

2) Check your spam and junk folders. (For Gmail, it's the Social and Promotions tabs.) A lot of non-spam email ends up in these folders. If it's in the true “Spam” folder, make sure to indicate that it's not spam and move it back to your main email folder. If you don't move it, then your email service will still think it's junk mail. We don't want that. 😉

For Gmail: If my newsletter ends up in your Social or Promotions tab, drag the email and drop it into the Primary folder. Make sure to click “yes” when it asks if you want all future emails from me to go to your main inbox.

Thank you!

If you did the above, then you should receive all future newsletters from me. That way, you'll never miss a cover reveal, excerpt, or contest.


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