Finlay Stewart

Finn only recently became the leader of Clan Lochguard after the retirement of the former clan leader. Not long after winning the leadership, he goes to Clan Stonefire to ally the two clans because both Finn and Bram (Stonefire's leader) want to have a good relationship between humans and dragons. Like Bram, he believes that the lives of dragons will improve if humans believe that they are good.

He has an easy going, teasing personality with his family and those he is close to, but has to act as a strong leader among others due to the fractured state of his clan. He saves Evie Marshall during a rescue mission, which solidifies his relationship with Bram and Stonefire, and is allowed to have Arabella foster at his clan (which is a big deal because Ara is fiercely protected due to her past). He loves Ara and believes her to be his true mate. He was raised by his aunt Lorna after the death of his parents when he was 15.

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