New Audiobook! The Lochguard Dragons have arrived

Posted Apr 8 2017

The wait is finally over!

Ready for a flirty, sexy Scottish dragon-shifter hero and his yummy accent? The first book in the Lochguard Highland Dragons series is finally out in audiobook format!

Holly agrees to sleep with a dragon-shifter and try to conceive a child in order to save her father’s life. What she didn’t expect was to fall for her assigned dragonman’s identical twin brother. Can she and Fraser find a future together? Or will duty win out and drive a wedge between the twins?

Narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies, The Dragon’s Dilemma is over 7 hours long and is chock-full of sexy Scots and their accents. It’s available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Check it out:

Amazon || Amazon UK || iTunes || Audible

The next Lochguard book, The Dragon Guardian, will be out in audio in the next few weeks, too!

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4 responses to “New Audiobook! The Lochguard Dragons have arrived”

  1. Rachel Ford says:

    Absolutely fandamntastic! Thank you and Mr Davies for sharing your gifts.

  2. Kathy Wells says:

    Is all Your Dragons Book’s on Audio I am Looking for These ( Dragon book ( 8 ) ( Cured by the Dragon ) & (Book (9) Aiding Dragon ) & Book 10 Findng Dragon P.s. I Love To listen to your books they are very good books thank you very much for writing these stories

    Kathy Wells

    • jessiedonovan says:

      Stonefire Dragons #8 should be out in September (my narrator is really busy!). Aiding the Dragon hasn’t been published yet, and I haven’t written Finding the Dragon. 🙂 They will all be out eventually! However, the Lochguard books are related to the Stonefire ones and the first two Lochguard books are now out in audio!

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