New Series–The Conquest is Here

A human female leader of a low-tech colony with a shortage of men and a ruse to trap male aliens. A Kelderan warrior prince on a mission to find a new planet to colonize, even one that might be cursed. When they clash, sparks fly in more ways than one. Grab your copy today at your vendor of choice:

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The audiobook will be out later in 2017.

Leader of a human colony planet, Taryn Demara has much more on her plate than maintaining peace or ensuring her people have enough to eat. Due to a virus that affects male embryos in the womb, there is a shortage of men. For decades, her people have enticed ships to their planet and tricked the men into staying. However, a ship hasn’t been spotted in eight years. So when the blip finally shows on the radar, Taryn is determined to conquer the newcomers at any cost to ensure her people’s survival.

Prince Kason tro de Vallen needs to find a suitable planet for his people to colonize. The Kelderans are running out of options despite the fact one is staring them in the face—Planet Jasvar. Because a group of Kelderan scientists disappeared there a decade ago never to return, his people dismiss the planet as cursed. But Kason doesn’t believe in curses and takes on the mission to explore the planet to prove it. As his ship approaches Jasvar, a distress signal chimes in and Kason takes a group down to the planet’s surface to explore. What he didn’t expect was for a band of females to try and capture him.

As Taryn and Kason measure up and try to outsmart each other, they soon realize they’ve found their match. The only question is whether they ignore the spark between them and focus on their respective people’s survival or can they find a path where they both succeed?

75,000 words with a happy ending / 18+ for sexual situations

3 thoughts on “New Series–The Conquest is Here”

  1. I just found your books about 6 weeks ago when I was looking for another story about dragons. I have been addicted to your books ever since. I am almost caught up to all your series and look forward to any new ones you will do in the future. I am 76 now and hoping I will be able to follow you characters for many more years.

  2. Great new story. Love the characters, both male and female are strong and yet learn to compromise. Can’t wait for 2nd book.

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