Glimpse of a Writer’s Life and AMT#3 News

As you probably can tell by now, I’m not an author who writes one book a year. 🙂 In the first five months of this year alone, I’ve written the equivalent of three full-length books. Since last July, I’ve written six. The way I was able to do that was to work 60 or more hours a week with no vacations. Well, last week, I hit my limit.

Because of mental exhaustion, I decided to take 2-3 weeks off for my health. What this means is that AMT#3 is delayed until either fall or early 2016. However, all of my dragon books are still on schedule (Reawakening #1-4, Lochguard Highland Dragons #1, Stonefire Dragons Christmas Novella).

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t push them all back there are several reasons. Mainly, I have a pre-order up for Reawakening #1 and my dragon series is the reason I can write full-time. I rely on my income alone, and as much as I love my AMT series, it barely covers my grocery bills each month and I need to make a living. 🙂 I’m not postponing it forever, but I will be working on it on the side.

I hope you all understand. I’m a few days into my first vacation in years, and I’m all ready feeling better! I will be slowing down a little next year, but I still expect to have the equivalent of five or six books out in 2016. I write because I love it, but I just need to find my work/life balance. <3

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  1. PLEASE take care of yourself! I am so thankful that you are taking time out for you, after schedule you have kept you need a break! Even with the “slowdown” You are still one of the hardest working authors there are! I love your books, especially the dragon series! You write it and I will buy it, no matter when it comes out, I would rather wait and know that you are well and happy!

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