From Legend to Latent Ability #1

If you've read my Asylums for Magical Threats books, then you know there is a lot more than just elemental magic in these stories. The “latent abilities” are powers that show up later in life, when the elemental Four Talents start to show up. What you may not know is that these latent abilities all came from various legends and myths from around the world. Sometimes the latent ability turns out a lot different, and other times, it's quite similar. I thought it'd be fun to show you how this process works in an ongoing post series.

To do that, I'm going to start with my most recent latent ability: Night-Weavers. These show up in Shadow of Temptation (AMT#2.5).

The origin of my Night-Weavers are from the Portuguese tales of the moura-fiandeira. While they are first described as hill stone fort builders, this line is what inspired my version:

They are also night weavers, but only the sound of weaving can be heard in the night.

This line clicked with my imagination. What if they spun threads soft as silk yet strong as steel, and that they could only be seen at night? On top of that, what if they could control those strands and move them as they wished? A new latent ability was born.

Like all magic inside my stories, there are restrictions to what they can do, too. But I'm not about to give it all away and spoil it for you!

Of the latent abilities you've seen so far, which one would you like explained?

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