Dragon-shifters are coming…

I've been somewhat quiet both on this blog and on Facebook for a reason: I'm currently writing two stories at the same time. One is Reclaiming the Wolf (Cascade Shifters #1), but the other is a brand new project.

In the last few months, I've come to like reading shorter works, like novellas, because sometimes I just don't have a lot of time to read a full-length work. Then serials started showing up on my PNR radar, and this month I decided to start my own.

The first serialized story will be called, Sacrificed to the Dragon. The story is set in modern England–except with sexy dragon-shifters.

The first part should be released next month (July), with a new one to follow every 3-4 weeks after that. If you've read my AMT series, then you know I'm pretty good at keeping you turning the pages and a serial is a good fit for that. If you don't like cliffhangers, then you can always buy the finished story when it comes out.

And don't worry, I'm keeping up with both my Cascade Shifters and my AMT series. The next AMT book should be out in first quarter 2015.

Anyway, back to writing!

2 thoughts on “Dragon-shifters are coming…”

  1. I’ve just read parts one and two of Sacrificed to the dragons and couldn’t put them down, I now can’t wait until the next two parts are released the story so far is exciting and sexy full of emotion for both Tristan as I can understand why he hates humans and the turmoil and conflicting emotions now he’s met and impregnated Mel. As for Mel, she’s given up so much to help her brother, he could die without the dragon blood and she might die giving birth to her half dragon baby and to have a chosen male who’s so conflicted and has turned his back on her now she’s pregnant with his child thank god she’s strong and has made a friend of Selina and her family who will support her.
    I’ve definitely been taken in by this well written and thrilling story

    1. Thanks so much Lesley! <3 I'm writing the very end today, and I really hope everyone will enjoy it! I'm really humbled by how much people love my dragon-shifters as much as me!

      Happy reading! 🙂

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