About Epilogues

I tend to get the same questions asked over and over again. To help answer them, I'm going to post one with a response every once in a while. Here's one for today:

Q: Why isn’t there always an epilogue with a baby?

A: For some reason, there are readers who want everything tied up at the end of every book. My series are more like sagas, in that stories carry on throughout the series. But the real reason I don’t always have an ending with a baby is because it’d be boring and it’s really difficult to keep track of. Since my books don’t pick up where the epilogues end (or we’d be like five years in the future by now), I then have to remember what is happening when I said it would be happening via the epilogue's foreshadowing. Plus, I have to backtrack and pretend no one knows what the baby's gender is, etc. As we’ve seen with Finn and Arabella, it can be fun to see it as it unfolds and follow it along in suspense.

Also, not every story ends with a baby because in real life, it doesn’t work that way. Some women have jobs, some have difficulty getting pregnant, and some just can’t have or don’t want kids. So I try to reflect this in my stories. 🙂

I hope that answers some questions about epilogues and where they end in my books. Writing follow-up novellas gives me more room to play and we get more of the characters and their lives, too. <3

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