Stonefire Dragons Universe #4

January 25, 2024

Kaylee MacDonald has been yearning to find her own happy ending since moving to Scotland, but hasn't had any luck. So when she finds out about a masked event where dragon-shifters and humans can hook-up for the night, she decides to go and have some fun. What she didn't expect was for a dragonman to accept her strip poker challenge and then give her not only the best steamy encounter of her life, but a little surprise as well—one that will appear nine months later.

Dr. Maelon Perry doesn't do relationships. As a child, love destroyed his family and he vowed to never let that happen to him again. But his inner dragon has needs and so he visits a masked event to find a female to take to bed. What he didn't expect was to be drawn to a human female dancing on a chair. Both man and beast want her, and claim her for one night only. But she shows up three months later, his scent entwined with hers, meaning she carries his child. He has no desire to be a father, but agrees she should come to Snowridge until the child is born, so he can give her shots of his dragon blood. But he makes it clear that after the birth, she should leave.

As the pair gets to know each other, Kaylee finds a way past Maelon's barriers and they start to think they have a future together. But then someone targets Kaylee, putting her in danger. Will Kaylee survive and finally have a dragonman of her own? Or, will the danger force her to flee and destroy any chance she has with Maelon?

Formats Available: Ebook, Paperback