Dragon Clan Gatherings #2

August 3, 2023

After learning about what Stonefire’s newest clan member, Percy Wells, suffered as a half-dragon orphan, Jane Hartley is determined to prevent any other child from going through the same horrible experiences. The solution is simple—convince the visiting dragon clan leaders to foster the orphans.

While things are a bit hectic with the Winter Solstice celebrations, Sid's doctor gatherings, and Jane’s own presentation, she can handle it all with her mate’s support. What she didn’t plan for was a little Christmas surprise of her own.

Not to mention Kaylee MacDonald's story begins here as well…

Join Stonefire in welcoming all the clan leaders for the winter gathering and see some updates from favorite past couples!

NOTE: This is not a standalone story. It features characters from Reawakening the Dragon, Surrendering to the Dragon, Cured by the Dragon, The Dragon's Pursuit, The Dragon Guardian, and cameos from most of the past Stonefire Dragons couples and other clan leaders.

Formats Available: Ebook, Paperback (on release)