Lochguard Highland Dragons #10

May 5, 2022

Needing to get away from the female he’s loved for years—one who only thinks of him as a friend—Logan Lamont finally decides to travel to Edinburgh to complete his doctor’s studies, hoping the distance will help him forget his feelings. However, when Emma asks him to accompany her one last time on one of her geocaching—a modern form of “treasure hunting”—adventures, he can’t say no to her. And just as she ascends one of the mountains to locate her next clue, Logan notices the rock slide and pushes her out of the way. He’s hit, tumbles off the side, and loses consciousness right before he hits the water of the loch below.

Emma MacAllister is after the biggest find of her life, one that could set her up nicely and help her realize her dream of setting up a senior center where humans and dragon-shifters can mingle. She feels in her gut she’s close, but before she can reach the next clue, rocks fall and Logan shoves her to safety. Even though he falls into the loch, she’s able to save him. However, when he wakes up, he has no memory of anyone on Lochguard, including her.

As Emma realizes how important Logan is to her now that he can’t remember her, she starts receiving threats about certain clues and staying away, or else. But when amnesiac Logan encourages to take them on, she’s torn. However, soon she doesn’t have a choice, not if she wants to protect those she loves and convince Logan of how much she wants him as her mate.

Formats Available: Ebooks, print soon after release