Tahoe Dragon Mates #6

March 23, 2023

A grumpy/sunshine, snowed in, “only one bed” story about a dragonman and his fated human female…

On Jenny Hartmann’s drive up the mountain to a friend’s cabin for a much-needed escape, her old car breaks down. Stranded on the snowy mountain, with no town or other cars in sight, she has no choice but to walk to find help. And of course, she soon falls on her butt and hurts her leg. While cursing the world for her crappy luck, a tall, sexy dragonman finds her and offers to help.

Even though it means possibly being alone with a stranger for who knows how long—let alone what he’ll do—the dropping temperatures give her little choice. As soon as she accepts his help, he carries her to his little cabin and proceeds to take care of her.

The dragon-shifter named Daniel Torres says little. But he doesn’t try to curb her ramblings or make her feel embarrassed about having little to no filter. In fact, she tells him things she’s kept from even her sister. And after they huddle together in the only bed to keep warm, things start to shift, and she wants things she can’t have.

But a surprise from the dragon-shifters’ main enemy changes everything. And soon Jenny must decide if she wants a future with the dragonman, or will she have to flee to stay safe from his inner dragon?

Formats Available: Ebook, Paperback