Stonefire Dragons #15

May 18, 2023

A dragonwoman who doesn’t know how to shift, a single dad struggling after an injury, and a student/teacher relationship that turns into something more…

After spending seven years as a prisoner inside an illegal dragon research facility, Persephone “Percy” Smith is rescued by Clan Stonefire and taken back to their land. Everything she sees there contradicts what she’s been told growing up, and Percy realizes she has no idea how to be a dragon-shifter. To help her learn, she’s assigned a kind and sexy yet determined dragonman named Bronx Wells—as well as his fifteen-year-old daughter—to be her teachers.

But she’s skeptical about everyone's kindness, something she’s always viewed as a weakness. Growing up in an orphanage that forced dragon-shifter children to act like humans, as well as being sold at aged thirteen to the research facility, she learned the hard way that caring about others only ever gets you hurt. To survive, she never, ever trusts anyone but herself.

However, as Bronx and his daughter slowly teach Percy how to embrace her dragon and discover who she truly is, she wonders if maybe there are good people in the world. Especially since Bronx gives her choices that no one else ever has. Soon she starts to feel things she's never felt before and wonders if she could ever trust him.

Can Percy risk opening her fragile heart to Bronx? Or will she have to leave her first real home on Stonefire to protect herself?

Formats Available: Ebook, Paperback (on release)