Stonefire Dragon Short #4

December 16, 2022

Thanks to Daisy Chadwick's mum mating a dragonman, she now lives with Clan Stonefire. And while she's done a lot of new things with her best friend—a dragon boy named Freddie Atherton—there's one thing she hasn't done, which is give him a human-style Christmas. So when her first Christmas on Stonefire rolls around, she does everything she can to give Freddie the best one ever. Too bad something goes wrong and threatens to ruin the day for them both…

Note: While this is a standalone story, if you're curious about the overall timeline, it takes place after the end of Treasured by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #13) but before the epilogue.

Formats Available: Ebook only (paperback compilation to come with other short stories)