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**This isn’t a standalone story. Please read Healed by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #4) and Lochguard Highland Dragons books #1-4 first**

For Finlay Stewart, being a dragon-shifter clan leader is easy compared to managing his family…

Finn is trying his best to work and protect his clan on little sleep; having triplets is his toughest challenge to date. But with his mate Arabella at his side, he finds a way to manage. However, as things start to spiral out of control with a pregnant cousin, another cousin constantly containing a mate-claim frenzy, and another driving his eight months’ pregnant mate crazy, Finn worries that the clan may think he’s incompetent. So his next mission is to find a way to ensure everyone behaves and tows the line. The only problem is that the MacKenzies are a stubborn lot and Finn may be in over his head. 

Can Finn find a way to get everyone to cooperate? Or, will he have to give up his clan leadership position to someone unrelated to the MacKenzies?

Approximately 30-40,000 words with a happy ending.