Crazy Scottish Love

About the Book

Tired of the online dating scene and her nagging mother, Donella Spencer decides to brave her eccentric extended family and go to stay with them in Scotland for a month. As long as she keeps to herself and avoids her family as much as possible, it should be easy to relax, right?

What she didn’t count on was meeting Robbie Campbell, who had tried so hard to ditch her nearly twenty years ago that a search and rescue team had had to save her. Nor could she imagine falling for Robbie’s daughter’s big, brown eyes and agreeing to hold a themed costume party for Donella’s 31st birthday. A costume party that involves her relatives dressing in pith helmets and dusty, old animal outfits.

And all of that doesn’t even begin to address her grandmother’s attempts to matchmake and marry off Donella within the month.

It’s going to be one long, trying summer in Scotland. However, sometimes the strangest situations can show what someone needs in life. Because if Donella falls in love with a man who can put up with her family, she might finally have her happy ending in sight.

Well, provided her relatives don’t drive her crazy first.