Reawakening the Dragon: Part One is Live!

Posted Jul 21 2015

Reawakening the Dragon: Part One is finally here! Kai Sutherland is about to meet his match in Jane Hartley, a reporter out to prove herself. Kai is used to giving orders and having them followed. However, Jane refuses to listen to him and does things her own way. Find out how the dragonman handles her […]


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The Future of the Dragon Series

Posted Jul 5 2015

After taking time to think about next year and listening to what my readers want, I’m happy to announce that in 2016, the stories of my Stonefire Dragons’ series will be released all at once. Nikki’s story will the first one to be released this way, early next year. Reawakening the Dragon (Kai and Jane’s […]



Healed by the Dragon: Boxed Set is Here!

Posted Jun 3 2015

Are you ready for a sexy, Scottish clan leader to find his mate? Arabella was tortured ten years ago by dragon hunters and volunteers to foster with the Scottish clan to try to start over. What she didn’t count on was the sexy dragonman who seems bent on having her. Can Finn win Arabella’s trust […]


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