New Series–The Conquest is Here

Posted Jan 14 2017

A human female leader of a low-tech colony with a shortage of men and a ruse to trap male aliens. A Kelderan warrior prince on a mission to find a new planet to colonize, even one that might be cursed. When they clash, sparks fly in more ways than one. Grab your copy today at […]


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Some Answers about my Audiobooks

Posted Nov 18 2016

Lately I’ve received a lot of questions about releasing the rest of my books into audio format. To clear it up, here are some questions and answers: Q: When will the next Stonefire Dragons story be in audio? A: The seventh Stonefire Dragons book, Surrendering to the Dragon, is currently in production. My narrator is […]



What I’ve Learned from Three Years as a Published Author

Posted Oct 16 2016

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media about authors burning out, losing their muse, or being forced to quit writing to find a full-time job. I’m lucky that I can still write full-time and am grateful for my readers. However, there are a number of things I’ve noticed over the years that […]